Welcome to the Motion

by Adam Sams

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released July 26, 2011

produced by Adam Sams and Nick Duke
all songs by Adam Sams (BMI), all rights reserved (2011)


all rights reserved



Adam Sams North Augusta, South Carolina

learning to listen

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Track Name: Nameless Race
Hello, my fellow man
You look like you’ve had it rough
You look like your story ain’t been kind to you
Have you known the pain?
Do you even have a name?
What do you have that makes you worth my time?

You look, to me, like a man of crimes

Do not hold back love
From those who deserve it
When you have the opportunity to act
Everyone deserves
To be treated well by you
Everyone deserves your love

Hello, my sister
You are the face of a nameless race
Of lust and lies and alcohol and drugs

But what have I got that makes me better?
I’ve still got my vices
What is it that makes me think
I’m worth more than another?

Everyone deserves your love
Everyone deserves your love
No matter where they’re coming from
No matter about the things they’ve done
Everyone deserves your love
Track Name: Foreign
Pull this material skeleton off my skin
Expose my heart, make me raw
Open me up, let the therapy begin
Help me heal, make me real

I don’t want to go home the same man
I’ve become foreign to who I am
I don’t want to leave here the same man

Show me how to smile a real smile
Make me new, make me see through
Show me what uncomfortable feels like
Break me down, show me how

I’m leaving the old part of me
I’m ridding my skin of its treacheries
Of wanting and flaunting and needing and greed and
I’m throwing away my pride
And coming alive again

I don’t wanna leave here
The same as I’ve been
Track Name: Smaller
This one’s ‘bout a man
Who thought that he had figured it out
Figured it out
When I found him
He told me that he didn’t need any help
From anyone else

If I’ve got this on my own
If I’ve got this on my own
Then the only hope I’m holding onto now is me

We live for life, we always climb
We always want to go further
Are you really entitled to anything?
Are you really? Are you really?
I was bigger when I made myself smaller
I was bigger when I made myself small

As the years went by
I started asking him “What do you deserve?”
“What do you deserve?”
If your life revolves around yourself
Then what are you worth?
What are you worth?

How much larger would your life be
If yourself could become smaller in it?
How much larger would your life be
If you put more value in the people around you?
Track Name: Welcome to the Motion
There’s a place on earth
Where devils build their homes
They roam around in search
Of someone who’s alone

You’ve got too much to be living for nothing
You’ve got two hands that are made for working

Stop just existing
And start to live your life

Are you a sleepless dreamer?
Are you discontented with your life?
Do you have the will to make your dreams come alive?
Why don’t you get up and try?

There’s too many people afraid of movement
You’ve got two feet that are made for walking

It’s time to move along
Start holding on to the rest of your life
Death and crime and pain and time
Can’t keep you stuck forever

Welcome to the motion
Welcome to assurance
Welcome to redemption
Welcome to your future

Stop just existing
And start to live your life
Track Name: This Old House
Been hanging around
This old house

It’s a mess
It ain’t sound, or even safe
Been driving around
The neighborhood
Seen lots of others
Looking a lot like mine

I need you to come in
And clean me
I’ve had my doubts about it
Free me
And clean out
This old house of mine

You can sleep in
The living room
But keep away room
The closet in the back
Cause I’ve got skeletons
I don’t want you to see
And I’ve got secrets
I don’t want you to know

Been wondering why you
Would want to stay here
Would want to come in
Amongst all of my grime
Been thinking about how
You don’t even care
About the shame I wear
You love me all the same
Track Name: My Faith is in the Grave
What was that about loving my friends and loving my enemies too?
What was that about giving to the poor and judging others kindly?
What was that about forgiving the guy who’s only ever hurt me?
Something you said got buried deep in my shallow heart

I never quite got it through my head
That what I do has to back up what I say
My faith is in the grave

It’s not what you believe that counts
But only what you believe enough to do
My mouth is an empty gun
Let us speak with truth and action

Would you lay down your life for your brother?
Would you sell what you own and give it all away?
Do you try to live out what you learn
Or do you just pick and choose what you want to ignore?

Let the trees without fruit be cut to the ground

My faith is in the grave
Track Name: Surrounded
Be merciful to me, O God
For I am under attack
My enemies slander me
All day long
In their pride they’re bringing me down
All day long

When I am afraid I’ll trust in you
In you, whose word I praise
In you I trust; what can man do to me?

I will not be afraid

My enemies are plotting against me
Eager to take my life
They devise their schemes and mark my steps
All day long
They twist my words to bring me hurt
All day long

For you have delivered me from death
And set my feet on solid ground
So that I could walk before you

In your light